Become a Rizing Star with our Preschool Dance Program

Here at Rize Dance Company, we welcome our tiny dancers to the studio with our Rizing Star Preschool dance program.  Catering for both girls and boys from 3 years old to 5 years old, we provide the children with a safe, fun and welcoming environment to help them develop their co-ordination and motor skills through the art of dance.

Preschool Dance Program Rize Dance Company

About the program:

Our Rizing Stars class starts off our little dancers with a 45 mins class of fun whilst learning how to move and control their bodies.  It has a strong focus on co-ordination with the fundamentals of learning to skip, gallop and hear the beat of the music.  Through out the program the children gain the confidence and skills to dance to a routine that they then present at our end of year concert, should they wish to participate.

We also, offer a Pre-Primary RAD Ballet program for our Rizing Stars.  Ballet is a wonderful foundation for all genres of dance and within the Pre Primary ballet, they learn to develop a combination of steps and exercises which they then practise and perfect.  Here at Rize Dance Company we offer all our students the RAD (Royal Acadamy of Dance) Ballet Syllabus, with the option of exams.  Should you wish to know more about the RAD program please visit their website for further information: RAD Ballet Australia.

For our older pre-schoolers we also offer a class that enables them to use the fundamentals they have learnt in our Rizing Stars class, and start to introduce further technique and style to their dancing.  This class focuses more on a Jazz style of dance and come concert time, these little ones shine on the stage.

What our Rizing Star Parents have to say:

Rizing Star Tiny Dancer Rize Dance Company



“From the moment we walked into Rize Dance Company we were made to feel apart of the Rize family. I couldn’t be happier with how professional and well run the studio is. Avah looks forward to going to Rize each week, and her confidence and coordination has developed significantly. A highlight of 2016 was the end of year concert. To say I was proud of Avah and her dance friends would be an understatement. The amount the kids learnt in a year is amazing and not only is that a credit to the children but also the wonderful dance teachers. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!”  Kylie Subbi


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Rize Dance Company is based in Bundall on the Gold Coast. We offer classes for children aged 2.5 years to Adult Pro Dancers. We have classes for fun and for those wanting to compete and perform on a regular basis. We offer classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap, Acrobatics, RAD Classical Ballet and Cabaret.